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Aikido Newmarket, located within the beautiful Brad Jones Karate dojo, offers classes to anyone from age twelve and up. Aikido Newmarket is affiliated with Naka Ima Aikikai in Toronto under the guidance of Chief Instructor Greg Angus Sensei, 6th Dan.

6th DAN

Sensei Greg Angus is a 6th-degree black belt and chief instructor at Aikido Newmarket and at Naka Ima Aikikai. Greg has practised martial arts for over 45 years and is also a yondan (4th-degree black belt) in karate. In 1986, upon completing his graduate degree in Fine Arts, Greg travelled to Japan to further his Karate martial art studies. Once there, Greg encountered Aikido and immediately began his practice at the Hombu Dojo in Tokyo. His Aikido training continued throughout his 10 years in Japan, primarily under the direction of Endo Shihan.

Off the mat, Greg works as an artist whose paintings have been exhibited both locally and internationally.


Paul’s passion for Aikido began at the age of 16 after joining a class in Newmarket as an opportunity to stay active while recovering from injury. He studied under  Sensei Steve Jones for several years before transitioning into Toronto in early 2007 to become a student of Sensei Greg Angus. To this day, Paul continues his study of Aikido in Toronto while travelling to assist and support the students in Newmarket. Paul’s classes focus on developing clear fundamentals through dynamic study while accommodating for all levels of fitness, injuries and body types.

Off the mat, Paul is a leader in Healthcare Security & Emergency Preparedness in a Toronto Hospital.

1st DAN

Claudio’s passion with Aikido began during university. After finishing university, he continued to practice this intriguing art in Newmarket for the past twelve years, earning his Shodan black belt in Toronto at Naka Ima Aikikai Aikido. As he dedicates himself on this path, he particularly enjoys exploring the essence and principles of Aikido and finds delight in discovering the numerous ways Aikido techniques can be effective.

Aside from his regular Aikido practice, Claudio also enjoys reading and maintaining peak health through other fitness activities such as jogging. Outside of these recreational activities, Claudio also runs a busy construction company.

mabel HSIN
1st dan

Mabel Hsin has been training in martial arts since 1995. She began her martial arts journey in Shotokan karate, having achieved her rank of Sandan (3rd degree black belt) under the National Karate Association, and represented Canada in the Pan Am Competition in Venezuela as well as World Championship in Japan. Since 2010, she transitioned from karate to Aikido, earning her Shodan black belt under the Endo Sensei branch at Toronto’s Naka Ima Aikikai.

Aside from being an Aikido instructor, Mabel is a physician, keynote speaker, as well as teacher for Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction program. Integrating the principles of mindfulness and martial arts as a way of being has helped transform her views on life.

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Aikido Newmarket

Our focus at Aikido Newmarket is on cultivating the mind, body and spirit in a safe, friendly and fun environment. You are welcome to visit and either observe or join us for a free trial class. You can also call (905) 895-9636 regarding any specific questions including membership details and fees.

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Everyone 12 years old and up are welcome to visit and either observe or join us for a free trial class.